What are ceramides?

Ceramides are lipid molecules that are naturally found within the skin along with other lipids. Ceramides fill the spaces between skin cells to help lock in moisture. As we age, we start to lose ceramides. This results in dry and itchy skin, pulling sensations, and wrinkles.

What are phytoceramides?

The prefix phyto- means “of a plant.” Phytoceramides are ceramides that come from plants.

Where do the phytoceramides in Ceramosides™ come from?

Our phytoceramides come from wheat.

Is Ceramosides™ gluten-free?

Yes! Ceramosides™ is guaranteed gluten-free.

How can Ceramosides™ be “gluten-free” when it comes from wheat?

Gluten is a complex mixture of proteins. Wheat contains lipids, proteins and other components. Our unique process concentrates the skin-friendly lipids while totally eliminating the proteins, making Ceramosides™ gluten-free.

Who would benefit from taking Ceramosides™ ?

Ceramosides™ will bring benefits to anyone experiencing signs of dry and/or aging skin.

How much Ceramosides™ is recommended to take orally?

Ceramosides™ comes in two forms, a powder and an oil, allowing for a wide variety of product types (tablets, softgels, drinks, food...). Both were studied in the same clinical trial and showed the same benefits at the following doses:

- Ceramosides™ Powder at 30 mg per day

- Ceramosides™ Oil at 70 mg per day